Your Headaches May Be Caused by Tense Neck Muscles

Massage therapists report that neck massages are some of the most common they perform...a fact that's not really surprising when you stop to think about that area of your body.

The most obvious contributor to neck pain is - as we all know - that unavoidable stress.

Whenever we suffer from stress and tension, the neck can suffer most - in the form of pain and swelling - very quickly. And when that happens, the pain is felt not only in our neck, but in our head, back and shoulders as well. The good news is that a neck rub is a proven treatment for the pain and swelling brought on by stress.

Many factors can contribute to neck pain and can also be effectively treated by neck rub therapy. As mentioned, the most dominant cause of neck pain is stress, but some other common contributors include trauma/injury, muscular problems, trapped nerves or arthritis located in the neck area. Neck massages can provide relief from these contributors as well as those associated with pain from sleeping in an awkward position, carrying a heavy object or sitting too long at work. Engaging in neck massage therapy can reduce the instances of future problems.

So how do you know if the pain you are experiencing is actually neck pain? Below are some identifiers of neck indication that a neck rub is needed:

  • *Stiffness that affects the neck muscles;
  • * A radiating pain to the shoulders or between the shoulder blades;
  • * A one-sided or double-sided headache which produces pain in the arm, neck or head;
  • * Tense muscles in the neck which feel hard and sore;
  • * Pain at the base of the skull accompanied by weakness in the arms, shoulders and neck;
  • * Prickly or tingling sensation in the fingers and/or arms.
  • Neck massage is extremely effective in reducing stiffness and pain in the neck.So what are the most common benefits of neck massage therapy?
  • * Neck rubs are convenient and can basically be performed at any time and any place.
  • * A neck massage can be very beneficial in a short period of time.
  • * This type of massages delivers relief to not only the neck, but also the back, head andshoulders.
  • * By expanding the muscles in the neck, a neck massages doubles as an energizer foryour body and leaves you feeling totally relaxed.
  • * It's proven to be instrumental in removing stress from your entire body.
  • * A neck rub can relieve knotted muscles and improve blood circulation.

In some instances, the area of your body where you experience pain may not be the actual source of it. Tightness at the base of your skull - for example - could be felt as a pain in your shoulder, upper arm or in the form of a headache. For quick and affordable relief of this type of pain, many are turning to neck massage therapy, and enjoying great results.


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